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artistic puzzles Jason Savage photoDo you like artistic puzzles? Welcome to TigersTime Studios™. My name is Jason Savage, and my trademark work is Gothic puzzles. They are not puzzles in the traditional sense. I use electronically simulated pieces. After the primary collage is assembled, I electronically emboss Gothic letters of my design throughout the work or around its border. These letters impart a message to the observant viewer. Since there is a resolution or determination to be made, I call my Gothic work Resolvative Art.

Consider commissioning a Precious Memories™ Giclée Original. These artistic puzzles – Giclées – can be passed down for generations. I have quite a few close up details for you to review. If you would like to immortalize a loved one, an event, or yourself forever, take a look at my work in black, surgical stainless steel at Immortal Memories. This site goes into a great detail about commemorative options and the pros and cons of each.

All of my Limited Edition prints are Giclée on canvas. I also have several offset lithographs available. I invite you to look at pieces I produced in other mediums before I entered my Gothic period.

Click on any of the images above for a lightbox preview. The lightbox has in information tab (i) you can click. Start the carousel revolving again by clicking the small, red arrow. Thank you for visiting my studio and reviewing my artistic puzzles. What memory can I create for you?

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